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How to Grow your 5000 free Tiktok followers Quickly


In the recent past, Tiktok has taken the whole world by storm. It is a social media platform that is based on short videos. Many influencers who have a huge following, earn big bucks from the platform and other sources linked to it. This is one of the reasons why many young tiktokers want to grow their following.

The question is How do they do it? You must have heard that content is king. We are here to tell you that it’s absolutely true. Until and unless your content speaks for itself, you’re not going to have a decent audience. However, while all of this sounds quite easy on paper, in reality, things are quite different.

Content does have a lot of impact for sure, but not every influencer has that natural ability to come up with good content. It requires a decent amount of research, hard work, and of course, determination. To start off with a strong base, there are sites where young TikTokers can get 1000 to 5000 free TikTok followers. This creates a foundation for young creators. From here on, these tiktokers need to have good content.

How to Approach Engaging Content

When newbie tiktokers hear that they got to have content that grabs people’s attention, they start to think hard. Most of the time they don’t even know how to approach good content. If you are someone who has questions in mind like, how to know what sort of content people like? How to step forward after having 5000 free tiktok followers? What topics grab the attention of people?

You have come to the right place looking for the answers to your questions. In this article, we will talk about how should you proceed forward with the content after gaining 5000 free tiktok followers. We will be taking you through some interesting topics to make videos on that will most probably bring huge audience attention. If all of that sounds interesting, let us have a deeper look into the matter.

Interesting Topics To Make Tiktoks On To Grow Following

The very first thing to do after having 5000 free tiktok followers, is you should start researching. Start looking for topics to make videos on that bring in more views. One of the most helpful tips is to look for trendy topics. What this does is that people all around the globe are talking about that topic. If you make a tiktok about it, chances are it’s going to get viral (provided that the quality of content is good).You could also explore famous tiktokers and see which video of them brought them a large number of views. From there you could always have inspiration and you could give it your own taste and bring it in front of people. The last tip is to search online for topics that people like to see. It’s going to bring you to one of these articles that are extremely helpful as we are going to list down the 4 best topics and tips that grab people’s attention rapidly. Following are those topics.

1) Health

Most people aspire to have a healthy lifestyle. Especially the youngsters today have a huge Interest in health and fitness. Also, tiktok is a platform that has a young audience. So, making fitness and health-related content on tiktok can definitely bring you a decent amount of audience and following.

You could approach your health content in many ways. If you want to focus entirely on exercises, you could divide the exercises into the days of the week. This way your audience will wait for your videos hence, increasing your followers.

2) Motivation

Another solid topic to gather and grab a huge audience is to have some motivational videos. Recent times have been weird and many of us have faced hardships at some point in our recent past. A lot of people are left with no motivation and feel as if they have no purpose in life. This is your perfect audience to target.

Make motivational tiktoks and encourage this sect of people to never give up. You won’t just increase your following, but also you’d be blessed with good deeds . You can share success stories of people in your tiktoks. Look for stories that have a dark past but excelled to be one of the most successful people. Stories like that boost self-confidence in people that are fighting depression and anxiety.

3) Life Lessons

This topic may link with the above-mentioned topic but it’s somewhat different. Youngsters who still haven’t experienced much could learn a lot from elder and their experiences. Search for some good messages and life lessons online and make tiktoks about them. This way you’d be educating the young generation.

Remember, many countries have a huge population of young people. All these people are going to love content like this. Life lessons can help young people to know the do’s and dont’s of life way earlier than other people courtesy to your content.

4) Collaborate With Famous Creators

Collaboration with famous tiktokers is an easy and effective hack to gain recognition and following. Think of it like this, imagine you see a fully established working day and night and making huge profits. You somehow have enough money to buy the whole restaurant and its operations. Now, the restaurant and all of its already-established customers are yours. You don’t have to begin from scratch to buy loyalty you already have one without doing anything other than spending money.

Collaboration in tiktok works on that exact phenomenon, except you, don’t have to spend any money but to make a tiktok with a famous tiktoker. This way the audience of that tiktoker will automatically land on your Tiktok. If the content is good, most of the new users will not leave before following your account.


To conclude everything that has been stated so far, one thing is clear good content brings in a good audience. Let your work speak for itself and you’ll automatically receive a huge number of followers. In this article, we mentioned a few tips and topics that new tiktokers can make videos on and apply those tips. In no time, you’ll be one of the most recognised. Just keep in mind that never compromise on the quality of the content.

I am Raqib Ali is a professional article writer and SEO executive who graduated in computer sciences & English literature. He has been working in multiple industries, including tech,SEO blogs, software, fashion, business, crypto currency, forex, travel, Food, and e-commerce. As a freelancer, He has years of experience converting his thoughts into words in a magnificent way. If you have any queries, then DM me at: [email protected]

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