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Things to Remember before Taking a Flight from London to Accra


Most of us like to travel London to Accra a lot and there’s no harm in it. In fact, it’s a brilliant hobby to adapt if you could afford to. Travelling makes you explore and learn new things which could help you with your life ahead. However, there are certain questions that arise before travelling to a certain place, especially if the flight is longer than a couple of hours. Talking about a flight from london to accra, it generally takes you around 7 hours if you’re lucky.

Long flights like london to accra make people plan the activities they would do before and during the flight. As the wait time could be long and the flight, of course, expands to a longer time period. There are a lot of questions that come from people when travelling from london to accra. So, in this article, we will look over those very questions. Moreover, we will take you through some tips and tricks that may come in handy before taking a flight from london to accra.

Airlines that Offer Direct Flights from London to Accra

There aren’t many options for direct flights from London to Accra, but British Airways does offer nonstop service from London Heathrow. TAP Portugal, KLM, and Royal Air Maroc are just a few of the airlines that provide one-stop flights if you would want to fly from another airport or are connected to another airline.

Parking at the Heathrow Airport

You have a few options for leaving your car at the airport if you aren’t using a taxi or the public transportation system to London Heathrow. Each categoryā€”Long Stay, Short Stay, Business, and Meet & Greetā€”brings you nearer to the terminal. To ensure you obtain the most convenient parking area, double-check which terminal your flight is leaving from when making an online parking reservation.

Quickest Route from Accra Airport to the City Centre

Although there are multiple bus routes that pass the airport, there may not be many departures from the bus stop on Liberation Road, which is just outside the airport grounds. A cab, which is always available outside the airport exits, is the quickest and most pleasant method to go to your destination. The cost is metered, and depending on traffic, the trip to the centre Accra should take 15 to 45 minutes. Uber, a ride-sharing service, is also accessible.

Tips & Tricks while Taking a Flight from London to Accra

1) Cheap Ticket Rates

If you want to stay beneficial in terms of your finances, you can avail an opportunity to save extra bucks on tickets. While travelling from london to accra, you should be booking the tickets 45 days prior to your targeted date. This will save you from spending extra money on each ticket.

2) Killing Time at the Heathrow Airport

A flight from london to accra might seem a long one. Children especially find it quite boring to wait this long. However, if you’re taking a flight from London Heathrow, there are plenty of activities your kids can do while at the airport. Moreover, there’s a lot of variety of food at Heathrow.

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