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What Makes YouTube Converter to mp4 the Best Tool Online

The Internet and its Power

We know it’s impossible to go back in time, but it isn’t written anywhere that you can’t take your thoughts and mind back in time. Just remember, only a couple of decades ago there was no concept of the internet and all its products. With the passage of time, the internet has taken over the world and made drastic changes in operations. The whole world today revolves around the internet even though we were taught that the world revolves around the sun. Jokes aside, the internet has come out to be one of the most powerful things.We can take an idea about the power of the internet with just a small example. The internet as a whole is too big to cover, let’s take one the products of it. We are talking about social media here and the scary thought is that social media has further branches to it for example YouTube. YouTube has a whole world in it and we can watch so much content on it that our whole life won’t be enough to watch everything on YouTube.

The World of YouTube with a Slight Problem

Today people watch YouTube for multiple purposes. YouTube can provide us with entertainment, knowledge, counselling and much more. It all depends on the users and what they want to see. Just a few clicks and you get what you want to consume. A song lover can listen to songs all day and all night long. A student could get their concepts straight from YouTube classes. A musician can learn music from YouTube. So much could be taken out of YouTube you name it.Now, with that being said there’s one thing we all are aware of and that’s you can’t access the videos on YouTube if you don’t have an internet connection. Though YouTube provides an offline mode on which you can download videos to watch them if you don’t have an internet connection. Nonetheless, that feature is also largely damaged by copyright issues. If you love some sort of song, chances are that you won’t be able to download it because the publisher hasn’t allowed it to. The same goes for other types of videos.

The Most Awaited Solution

To tackle the problem there’s a tool we all can access online from where you can download your favourite YouTube videos in your private storage. The tool is called a youtube converter to mp4. This tool is a blessing in disguise for people who want their favourite videos without having to worry about their internet connection. With a youtube converter to mp4, you can download any video from youtube in your device’s storage. There’s a whole process to approach the videos you want to download and take it through youtube converter to mp4.Let us take you through the whole process step-wise so that it becomes easier for you to use a youtube converter to mp4. Before that, you need to understand that there are many online sites that convert youtube videos to mp4. There’s no specific tool that we would name here. However, it’s obvious that the paid tools have a better interface and smooth transitions.Nonetheless, it’s not that you can’t do a certain thing on the free tool of youtube converter to mp4. The free ones provide the same result as the paid ones with only a few minor changes. The steps as a whole would remain the same on any youtube converter to mp4 tool. Let’s take a look at how to approach the tool and get your favourite YouTube video downloaded from youtube converter to mp4.

The Steps to Convert a YouTube video to Mp4

There are mainly 3 steps from beginning to end that will get you your favourite YouTube video downloaded. The steps are explained below.

1) First Step

The first and foremost step is to find the youtube converter to mp4 tool/website online. After you’ve searched and discovered the tool you need to see if that site has decent traffic. This way you’ll know if the tool/site provides adequate results. Now, you need to go to YouTube and look for your favourite video that you want to convert. Copy the link of the video and jump back to the youtube converter to mp4 tool. There’s mainly one specific place where you have to paste the link to that YouTube video on the tool.

2) Second Step

There’s some good news for you before coming onto this step. Since you’re done with step one you’re already close to the finish line as there’s not much left to do. After you’ve pasted the link to the youtube video on the youtube converter to mp4 tool, the tool will immediately recognize the video and let you tap the mp4 button. After tapping it, you will be presented with various resolutions of the video you want to get downloaded. Remember the best resolution is the heaviest file but also the best quality. So, if you have the storage for it always choose the best resolution.

3) Third Step

You’re almost finished now, the video is ready to be converted to mp4 now courtesy of the youtube converter to mp4 tool. After selecting the resolution of the video, you will have the option that would be prominent and would say “convert”. Tap that convert button and wait for your YouTube video to be saved. Always remember that if you have multiple videos that you wanted to get downloaded, there is an option provided to save multiple videos. Now, after your video/videos (is/are) saved you just need to download (it/them). You may find the download option directly next to the button where you chose the video’s desired resolution. Once you’ve selected “Download,” all that remains is for you to see the video begin to download in the notification panel. If you chose the maximum resolution, the download time for the video can increase. However, if the tape is just audio and you chose a low resolution, it can just take a few seconds to download.


To conclude everything that has been stated so far, a youtube converter to mp4 is one of the best tools to get your favourite YouTube videos downloaded. The process might sound lengthy and time-consuming, but in reality, it’s a matter of a few minutes. In the article above, we have mentioned all the steps in detail in hope that you’ll have no problem approaching the process of downloading your favourite youtube video from the youtube converter to mp4 tool.

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