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Everything you Must know about Odor Eliminating Candles


You have finally decided to step up and move out of your parent’s house. You have all your finances, job and studies figured out about Odor Eliminating Candles. All you need now is to search for a home sweet home. You start looking for an apartment and after rigorous searching, you’ve finally landed on this apartment your heart goes out to.

Soon after you move into this apartment, you realize that there’s some sort of smell that is messing up the whole aura of your apartment. This could be for various reasons, maybe the previous resident was a heavy smoker or had a bunch of pets. Moreover, you also realize that you must enhance the aesthetics of your apartment. However, as a student, you have a tight budget.

Now, you’re thinking of ways to kill two birds with one stone. The very solution to this problem is buying a couple of odor eliminating candles. Odor eliminating candles not just devour the bad smell (as the name suggests), but it also increases the overall beauty of your apartment apart from furniture. In this article, we’ll be taking you through the essentials of odor eliminating candles. If that sounds interesting, stick to the end and learn.

Are Odor Eliminating Candles Any Good?

Before going further, you must have a clear understanding that the normal scented candles and odor eliminating candles have a huge difference. Yes, both of these candles do have scents. However, odor eliminating candles have specific additives that release special enzymes which result in neutralising the smell of the room. This is the main reason why odor eliminating candles actually work better than scented candles.

Now, there may be a few individuals at this very moment thinking about how to distinguish between odor eliminating candles and scented candles. The ingredients used in the candles make a huge difference. Though, many companies hide their special formulas of odor eliminating candles, nonetheless, you could still Google them. If that doesn’t help, the reviews on sites like Amazon and Alibaba would definitely be helpful.

Types of Odor Eliminating Candles

To put things in perspective, there are two main types of candles. The different types are basically the wax used in the candles. One is the paraffin Vax and the other is vegetable-based wax.

1) Paraffin Wax

Typically more prevalent, cheaper, and excellent at preserving scents are paraffin candles. Despite the fact that some studies have indicated that burning paraffin wax can release potentially harmful particles into the air, most health professionals concur that these particles are present in such minute amounts that they are unlikely to pose major health hazards.

2) Vegetables-based Wax

Because they are more environmentally friendly and less likely to produce soot, candles manufactured from vegetable-based wax, especially soy, are preferred by many people. They could cost more than paraffin-based ones, but since they often last longer, the investment is worthwhile. The candles in this list contain a lot of plant-based ingredients. Beeswax and coconut wax are two further types of natural-based waxes, albeit they are less well-known. Burn the candle whenever feasible before and during the activity that will produce an odour for the best benefits.

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